Referee Training

All referees have to be first accepted and authorized by the League as a referee and should have a valid AYSO ID. So, please send an email to if you would like to become a referee in our league.

All referees must be trained. We go to great lengths to provide MANY training opportunities. We want your kids to have a top quality AYSO soccer experience and this is only possible if you are trained when you are refereeing! All referee training is free and some of the training is available online 24 x 7.

Basic Compulsory Training for all Adult Referees

  • Safe Haven training
    • The referee Safe Haven Training course helps ensure the safety of both volunteers and children. This course is mandatory for all adult referees. It is not required for our youth referees.
    • Go to the Online Training Website and take the online Safe Haven training.
    • All adult referees must take this course, no excuses accepted. The course is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Referee Certification Levels

AYSO has unique practical training for refereeing from novice to veteran. 

There are the six certification levels for AYSO referees. Here is a brief description of the requirements for each.
  • U-8 Official 
    • (minimum age 10) 
    • Complete the U-8 Official Course and pass the U-8 Official Exam.
  • Assistant Referee 
    • (minimum age 12) 
    • Complete the Assistant Referee Course and pass the Assistant Referee Exam.
  • Regional Referee 
    • (minimum age 12) 
    • Complete the Basic Referee Course and pass the Regional Referee Exam.
  • Intermediate Referee 
    • (minimum age 14) 
    • Complete 25 games as referee with at least five in U-12 games, complete the Intermediate Referee Course, pass the Intermediate Referee Exam and be (observed) mentored in a U-12 game.
  • Advanced Referee 
    • (minimum age 16) 
    • Complete 50 games as referee with at least 10 in U-14 and five as an assistant referee (in U-14), complete the Advanced Referee Course, pass the Advanced Referee Exam, pass one assessment as referee and one as assistant referee in a U-14 match, pass the AYSO Physical Fitness Test and do a minimum of five service units.
  • National Referee 
    • (minimum age 18) 
    • Complete 100 games as referee with at least 30 in U-16 and U-19 games and 25 as Assistant Referee with at least 10 in U-19, complete the National Referee Course, pass the National Referee Exam, pass two assessments as referee in U-16 or U-19 matches and one as assistant referee in a U-19 match, complete the AYSO Physical Fitness Test and do an additional five service units.

Finding and Registering in an In-Person Course for all Certification Levels

Go to Enter your eAYSO username and password and follow the directions to find and register in a referee course.

Other online training for Referees

If you are unable to attend a referee training class in person, you can take the basic courses online. Both the basic online referee courses will take you about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to complete. Please do the following to complete the online referee training:
  1. If you are a minor, please get your parent's permission to take these online classes. 
  2. If you are a minor, sign up as a Youth Volunteer at If you are an adult, sign up as a Volunteer at During the signup process you will be asked to select a Region, please select Region 1590 (Evergreen United). 
  3. After completing the first time registration, log back into the account. 
  4. Click on the “Update volunteer information” link in the middle of the right hand column. 
  5. Copy down your “AYSO ID”, you’ll need this for the training. 
  6. Go to
  7. Click on the button "I have my AYSO ID number. Take me to the course list". 
  8. Enter your “AYSO ID” and “Last Name” to login. 
  9. Click on R001 “Safe Haven for Referees”, and take the course. 
  10. Click on R002 “Basic referee Online Training”, and take the course. 
  11. Both the above courses will take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to finish.

If you have any problems or questions please contact Tom Huff at Email Tom at after you’ve completed the training.