New Referee

Please send an email to to join our Referee team.

Adult Referees

AYSO is a volunteer driven child development soccer program. The Referees are one of the 3 main elements of this program. Referee's job is to be the official in charge of the match at every game to ensure that match is Safe, Fair and Fun. AYSO Referees are volunteers, just like the coaches and others. 

No previous experience is necessary to be a referee. AYSO referees range in experience from beginners to very experienced. Every year we train many new referees to help the kids with their games. New referees start with badges of Regional, U-8, or U10 Assistant Referee. With additional training and experience, Referees move up to badge levels of Intermediate, Advanced, and National. 

Every Evergreen United AYSO referee receives training with Laws of the Game and refereeing technique and all new referees also will get on site help from other senior referees as mentors for the first game. 

Youth Referees

AYSO also encourages 12yrs and older youth to become referees. Players as well as non-players can join our youth referee organization, Player Referee Organization (PRO). They will learn the Laws of the game and refereeing technique,  which sometimes helps them become better players, improves their decision making skills, builds their self confidence and helps them earn volunteer hours for NJHS and high school requirements.