1. USSF Referee Laws of The Games FAQ 
  2. Law 4: Players Equipment
  3. Law 14: Penalty Kicks
  4. I was told "no game card no game" - one of the coaches does not have lineup card what should I do?
    • Some times some coaches coach more than one team and/or coach may forget to print the lineup card. Please try to help the coach (sometimes by giving them a piece of paper) to get or make a lineup card. But it is still coach's responsibility to give you a lineup card and they must give you a lineup card before game starts.
  5. What do I do if I have problem at a game with a coach or a spectator?
    • Report to the Regional Referee Administrator (soccer@evergreenunited.org) for all incidents in which a coach or a spectator behaves in a way that makes a game something other than a safe, positive, enjoyable growth experience for the children.
  6. Are referees permitted to wear a cast or splint while refereeing?
    • The AYSO National Rules and Regulations prohibit players from participating in practices or games while wearing a cast or splint (even with a doctor's permission). However, there is no such prohibition for referees to officiate while wearing a cast or splint even if they are youth referees. The likelihood of an injury to players occurring from contact with the referee's cast or splint is very remote. Some padding on the cast may add a measure of protection.
  7. Can Referees Wear Hats and Sunglasses?
    • Soccer referees have not historically needed to wear hats or sunglasses and AYSO referees are discouraged from doing so. Hats, in some cases, may be used to protect against a really hot sun, for health reasons. Use of hats on cloudy days should be avoided. Hats should not be worn for night games.
    • Hats, if worn, should be solid black or predominately black with white trim, or solid white or predominately white with black trim. Hats should bear no logos or slogans other than AYSO logos (traditional, promotional, Regional or tournament) and AYSO national sponsor logos.
    • Sunglasses are likewise discouraged for referees as this restricts communication through eye contact with players.
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