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Fees & Refunds

Please check Spring Soccer League and VIP Program pages for the actual registration fees.

Refund Policy

If we are unable to place a player on a team, 100% of the registration fee is refunded.

Refunds may be requested in most circumstances.  Due to the terms of our group insurance policy, $15 will be deducted for a player who has attended any practices or games. An additional $20 will be deducted if the player has been provided with a uniform. A request to refund a player's registration fee must be made either on this page or by sending it in writing to Evergreen United YSL, P.O. Box 730545, San Jose, CA 95173. 

If Registration was paid in full and you wish to withdraw later from the Spring 2012 Season, you will receive a full refund for the Spring months. To receive this refund, you have to withdraw between the dates of Jan 1,2012 and Feb 15, 2012 by filling out the form below and contacting us at

A player cannot withdraw from the program during the third month of a season - Nov 2011 or June 2012.

If you registered and paid your fees with a Credit Card through our online registration system, you can request a refund at the website: Online Refund Request. In all other cases please fill out the Refund Request form below.

Refund Request